“DHL” sent a new package of music: Singer Frank Ocean releases his newest single after a temporary hiatus
BY EMMA HUERTA On Saturday, October 19, R&B singer and rapper extraordinaire Frank Ocean seemed to arise from the ashes, ascending like a phoenix, after releasing a single entitled “DHL.” This newest single came after Ocean began his New York City queer nightclub project “PrEP+” on Thursday, October 17,... Read more
Return of the boy band: Jonas Brothers fans are “Burnin’ Up” over the trio’s reunion
BY EMMA FRANZ In most cases, “S.O.S.” signifies a call for help. But in this case, it’s for all of those who suffer from a severe case of Jonas fever. For years now, the seemingly annual rumor of an official Jonas Brothers reunion has flashed across the media. In... Read more
What happens when you fall asleep: Billie Eilish’s new album to be released soon
BY ELENA VALDEZ Singer and songwriter Billie Eilish is following up her hit 2017 EP “Don’t smile at me” with a full length, debut studio album in March of this year. After opening up in an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe about her struggle with depression and all... Read more
From nothing to something: Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” wins Best Rap Album at 2019 Grammys
BY SOFIA MENDEZ On Sunday, February 10, the 61st Annual Grammy Awards were held. There were many winners such as Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga as well as several other talented artists, yet, one recipient stands out from the rest. This artist has been nominated seven... Read more
Blindly thrilling: Bird Box takes the internet by storm
BY JULIA SAFRIN “Whatever you do, do not take your blindfold off,” is a warning Sandra Bullock repeats many times throughout the two-hour duration of Netflix’s most recently released thriller, “Bird Box.” The harrowing thriller follows a mother, Mallorie (Sandra Bullock), and her two young children, Boy (Julian Edwards)... Read more
Maybe God is a woman: Ariana Grande is the fourth woman ever to headline Coachella
BY EMMA HUERTA As each new year brings a variety of new music, many music festivals occur to cater to specific genres and trends popular among the masses. As soon as the lineups are out, fans often scramble to get tickets in order to see their all-time favorite artists... Read more
Put on blast because of the past: Offensive tweets hurt celebrity reputations
BY KAREN SUROS Recently, a number of old, offensive tweets have resurfaced from the past, damaging the careers of social influencers from all walks of life. From YouTubers like beauty-guru Laura Lee to prominent Hollywood directors like James Gunn, it seems just about everyone has a controversial past. Some... Read more