Teachers should be paid more
BY RYAN MERARD, JOURNALISM 1 Going to school is a necessity in America, which requires teachers to provide the education given. Teachers do a lot of work in and out of the classroom, such as educating a future generation to be successful and have a good impact on the... Read more
The importance of listening to people’s perspectives
BY KENDYL COUNTS Everybody wants to be right. Sometimes this goal takes precedence over the necessary components of rational discourse; facts and etiquette are thrown out the window as opponents cling desperately to their viewpoints, regardless of how accurate they are. Yet, in the heat of an intense argument,... Read more
The only agenda in the wake of tragedy should be unity
BY NOAH CASTAGNA In times of great loss, it is easy to succumb to the visceral emotion of the moment as personal biases are either confirmed or challenged. One side of the coin feels the need to take a tragedy and make a point out of it while disregarding... Read more
College advice sessions should be available during personalization
BY EDITORIAL BOARD As many of the Class of 2018’s seniors prepare for the arduous process of college applications and admission, one thing is clear: too many teenagers aren’t sure what they’re doing. Out of 2016’s graduates, nearly 70 percent of high school graduates enrolled in college or universities,... Read more
Twitter discourse as a platform for modern politics
BY EDITORIAL BOARD In an increasingly digitized world, it seems Twitter has risen to the forefront of youth culture – and, all things considered, it’s a pretty powerful tool. But it’s about time we discuss what it means to approach 21st century communications with tact and skill, especially in... Read more
Texting and driving is still a prominent issue with teens
BY KENDYL COUNTS There’s nothing quite like a weekend drive, riding on the passenger side with a friend behind the wheel and a song on the radio. The windows are down, the sun is out, and the moment is perfect- until the driver reaches over and claws at the... Read more
Why class schedules should reflect individual interests
BY CHARLIE BLODNIEKS I recently realized that learning can actually be a lot of fun. Before the beginning of my junior year, I had a revelation that would change my high school experience as I knew it: my classes are for me, not for my future college. This epiphany... Read more
Third party candidates should participate in presidential debates
BY TAMARAH WALLACE As you hurry by, the bright, bold lettering of a talent show poster catches your eye. With dreams of making it big, you immediately pause to record your name on the sign-up sheet. However, as your hand lowers to what seems like your destiny, one thought... Read more
The Lariat doesn’t condone intellectual safe spaces
BY KENDYL COUNTS University of Chicago dean Jay Ellison kicked off the new school year in a controversial way.  Upon opening their mailboxes, many of the university’s incoming freshmen were shocked to find a letter denouncing “trigger-warnings” and the creation of  “intellectual safe spaces, where individuals can retreat from... Read more
In the 2016 election cycle, youth voting is imperative
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR With the upcoming 2016 election, some Cooper City High School seniors are afforded the opportunity to vote for the next president of the United States on November 8th. But despite the almost given importance of voting, the turnout rate for the 18-24 year old demographic, though... Read more