Top 5 classics that need to be on Netflix Top 5 classics that need to be on Netflix
BY ALYSSA KHAN More than ever, boredom is hitting as the time spent in quarantine goes on. Netflix and other streaming services have been... Top 5 classics that need to be on Netflix


More than ever, boredom is hitting as the time spent in quarantine goes on. Netflix and other streaming services have been dropping new movies and television shows, but there are some classics that also need to be added and people are waiting to see.

1. “The Parent Trap” 

The movie to start off this list is “The Parent Trap,” which was made in 1998. The concept of the movie is great– twins separated because their parents separated. It has the typical twin switcheroo that everyone loves. Lindsay Lohan was the perfect actress to cast for this role. She was able to switch between two very different characters throughout the movie flawlessly. She was very energetic and cheery, bringing a fun mood to the movie. This movie was definitely ahead of the game with the other movies from its time. It’s the perfect family movie and deserves its place on Netflix.

2. “Annie”

The movie “Annie” is about an orphan who holds her head highly throughout all the hardships in her ‘hard-knock life.’ The 1982 remake of the Broadway musical and the 2014 movie are both fun, colorful and heartwarming, with lots of singing and dancing to enjoy. The remake accurately summed up all the important parts of the original. Both are wonderfully cast, with Aileen Quinn perfectly playing the lead role in the first movie and Jamie Foxx bringing the humor to the second movie. These movies are great family movies for all to watch.

3. “The Wizard of Oz”

“The Wizard of Oz” is an absolute classic. A tornado rips through Kansas sending Dorothy (Judy Garland) and her dog, Toto, to the magical land of Oz. They follow the famous Yellow Brick Road toward the Emerald City to meet the Wizard. On the way, they meet a Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), Tin Man (Jack Haley) and a Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), who are all in need of something from the wizard. This movie was made in 1939 and even 80 years after its release, fans are still remembering and loving it. The scenes are magical and beautiful, creating the perfect fantasy world for viewers to enjoy. The whole cast and everyone working on the set helped to make the movie believable; the sets, costumes, lights, music and choreography all pull the movie together.

4. “Mrs. Doubtfire”

This movie is a hidden gem. It’s well known amongst middle-aged people but is a movie the whole family can enjoy. It’s one of those movies that seem to get better over time. The story is about a divorced man who disguised himself as his ex-wife’s housekeeper in order to see his children. Actress Sally Field and the late Robin Williams brought this movie to life. It captures the struggles of going through a divorce with hilarious humor throughout the movie. All the feelings are guaranteed because the mix of comedy and drama is wonderfully portrayed by the cast.

5. “The Karate Kid” 

In the past, Netflix has released the 2010 Karate Kid movie starring Jaden Smith on its streaming platform. What many don’t know is that this movie was a remake of the original movie, which was released in 1984. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) moves to California with his mother Lucille (Randee Heller) but ends up becoming the target of a group of bullies who study karate. Daniel meets Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki “Pat” Morita), who is a repairman who happens to be a martial arts master. Miyagi takes Daniel under his wing and prepares him to take on the bullies. This movie offers viewers a take on the story of overcoming hardships while displaying the magic of karate.

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