Review: Shirock – Everything Burns Review: Shirock – Everything Burns
BY HAILEE YAEGER Pop/rock band Shirock have released their debut album, Everything Burns. Chuck Shirock, who shares lead vocals along with his wife Pap,... Review: Shirock – Everything Burns


Pop/rock band Shirock have released their debut album, Everything Burns. Chuck Shirock, who shares lead vocals along with his wife Pap, founded the band. This husband and wife duo recorded 3 albums of demos before meeting the three other members of the band, Kevin Whitsett the bassist, Evan Weatherford, guitarist and Adam Gatchel who is drums and percussion.

The 12-track album is definitely a treat to listen to. It’s one of those albums where the more you listen to it, the more you hear new things that stand out musically, like a phrase in a song or the way that it’s sung with such feeling and passion. At times when listening, it felt as though I was listening to The Script, until Pap’s voice came through so smooth and elegant. Her voice really sets Shirock apart from other bands and Chuck’s vocals combined with Pap’s are a beautiful mix of emotion and talent. Not only do the vocals make the song’s work, but also the lyrics. The best part about Shirock’s music are definitely the lyrics. They are beautiful, meaningful and really showcase the talent that the band possesses.

Shirock’s sound tends to remind you of bands like U2, Muse, and 30 Seconds To Mars, yet at the same time manages to be different. Although Chuck may seem to stand out as the leading man, his partner Pap has her moments on the album with lead vocals on two tracks, “I’ll Take Rain” and “Silver”.

Their slower ballads remind me of those days where it’s rainy out and you relax at home curled up in bed. They are extremely relaxing and give depth to the album.

“I Have Been Redeemed (Reprise)” is 5 minutes and 18 seconds of beautiful instrumentals and vocals. It seems like a reprise of “Drag You Down” with deep lyrics and a more meaningful sound behind it. When you listen to this song it sounds like they have a Christian rock influence, but that goes perfect with the words and vocals.

“Still Young” really seem to be speaking out to teenagers trying to figure out not only life, but themselves and what they want to do, something all of us in high school students can relate to.

As great as “Still Young” is, a favorite has to be “I’ll Take Rain” A song that stands out from the rest with a different vocal and instrumental sound. Although one of the slower tracks on Everything Burns, it makes a name for itself with Pap’s beautiful voice and deep lyrics that will touch the heart of anyone who is a sucker for a good love song.

A track on the album that stands apart from the others is the “Everything Burns Intro”. It isn’t really a song, it’s a recording of a man talking about what defines a person, and seems to have inspired the album’s theme and name. It reads, “It’s been said there’s only two ways to live: You can use people and love things or you can love people and use things. I’ve made my decision, I’m going to love people and use things. People, they last forever… Everything else just burns.”

Now although this album has plenty of ups, there is always a downside. On some songs like “New Solution”, “Calm Inside The Storm”, and “Drag You Down” there are parts that tend to be very repetitive with the same phrase being said over and over again, making the song seem never ending. There are also moments where you wonder if a song is over or not because they all seem to blend into each other, sounding the same at times.

It’s rare when you can listen to an album and let it play all the way through. Shirock’s debut album Everything Burns is one of those albums. Not only is Everything Burns a great pick me up on a down day, but it’s also great just cruising in the car singing along as loud as you can with the music.