“Ms. Hobin was a bright light; you couldn’t help but be drawn to her infectious personality. She was more than just a teacher at...

“Ms. Hobin was a bright light; you couldn’t help but be drawn to her infectious personality. She was more than just a teacher at CCHS: she was my friend, my mentor, and my confidante. The impact she had on my life – on the life of students and staff at the school – is profound. I miss her laugh, her great advice, her goofy side, and the amazing wealth of knowledge about literature she brought to the ninth grade English team.” – Fallan Patterson

“Other than being this amazing friend she was also, for me, just this really amazing teacher. She had such great ideas and creativity and she brought this lightness that students really loved learning from and that inspired me a lot. As a friend, she was always there for you and she always taught you to be yourself, she’s one of those people that won’t leave you because of how much she influenced you and influenced all of the students here.” – Wendy Schauben

“Words cannot describe how much Ms. Hobin meant to me. I spent almost every morning, lunch and after school with her. She was like a mother to me. She would give me advice and help me go through tough times. She was there for me when I had no friends and she was there for me when I made new ones. She taught me to express my feelings in a positive way. She helped me stay strong through my health issues and family dramas. She let me have an open space to vent. I will truly miss her with all my heart. There’s not a day that goes by with me not thinking about her. She was a light and has always shined even through the hard days. She made me laugh when I didn’t want to. She pushed me to try harder and be successful. I hope to make her proud this year and in the future. Even to this day I still believe there’s a substitute in her room and that she’ll be back any one of these days. I thank her for everything that I am today. May she rest in peace.” – Preeti Chovoor

“She definitely took pieces of us with her, but the pieces of herself she left behind should all be used to make something just as magical as she was. She joked about being a magical unicorn, turns out she was magical all along.” – Melissa Cabrera

During my freshman year, [for] a long period of time I wasn’t showing up to school due to personal reasons. But Ms. Hobin and Ms. Patterson were so worried. The first time I got back to school they were just about to look for me. It shows that Ms. Hobin cared. I always bothered her in the morning, [by] helping her or just being there with her just talking before class. After freshman year, I sadly drifted but always tried to stick my head in every once in a while. It goes to show Ms. Hobin truly touched lives and I’ll miss her in every way. She was there during my darkest moments. She was the sun in my day, every day.” – Ilena Chung-Corzo

Photos courtesy of CCHS staff and students 

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