Colin Kaepernick was blackballed not for his passing ability, but for his ability to speak out
BY JOSEPH STURGEON The story began in 2016: Colin Kaepernick, the then-starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, took a knee during the pre-game national anthem, stirring waves of conversation throughout the United States. The next day, when asked why he did this, he responded that it was a... Read more
A new start: The beginning of the spring season
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE The fall sports are coming to an end and the spring sports teams are starting to prepare. Tryouts have started for some and other teams have started conditioning and practicing. At CCHS, some of the most impressive teams play during the spring.  The boys’ soccer team... Read more
Swimming goes to states: The best of the best
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE The CCHS swimming and diving team went through districts and regionals to get their best competitors. Only one diver, three individual swimmers and two relay groups made it to states. The swimmers are judged individually or in their small relay group. There are only 24 swimmers... Read more
Cheerleading: Lady Cowboys compete at first meet
BY KAYLA GATES With the fall football season coming to a close, cheerleaders have fled the sidelines and taken to the fields. While the school team will no longer be cheering CCHS on during the games, the Lady Cowboys are making the most of their season by participating in... Read more
“Little Miss Varsity”: Sophomore Noa Pogany challenges cheerleading tradition
BY KAYLA GATES Sophomore Noa Pogany is defying expectations by excelling as a member of the CCHS varsity cheerleading team. Her notable accomplishments speak volumes on the scope of both her ability and enthusiasm for the sport. Pogany’s passion for cheerleading developed at a young age. She began the... Read more
A lasting impact: How injuries affect an athlete’s mental health
BY KAYLA GATES Injuries are a nearly inevitable aspect of athletic participation. Intense gameplay often requires an athlete to retire to the sidelines for recovery. However, few truly understand the lengths at which an injury impacts an individual. Along with the physical challenges that accompany a severe injury, athletes... Read more
Sink or swim: Cowboys place second at swimming districts
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE The entire season was in preparation for the district meet. That one meet determines whose season will be over and who will move on. The next step is regionals, and then few will make it all the way to states. On Wednesday, October 30, Cooper City... Read more
Cowboys kick off the soccer season with tryouts
BY KAYLA GATES With the fall sports season quickly approaching, select CCHS students have emerged from the sidelines. In preparation for the upcoming competition, prospective players have taken to the field in hopes of making the 2019-2020 girls’ and boys’ soccer teams. Girls’ and boys’ soccer tryouts were held... Read more
Kicking her way onto the team: Sofía Molina makes CCHS history as the first female football player
BY ALYSSA KHAN Just a normal day of kicking soccer balls for athlete Sofía Molina led to her recruitment for the football team by CCHS’s junior varsity coach. Molina started the school year like any normal high school athlete, balancing school and soccer, never expecting to incorporate football into... Read more
Problems with coaching staff: Coaches should be required to work at the school
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE The hectic life of a student-athlete is determined by many variables, many of which are incited by their coaching staff. It becomes increasingly difficult when practices are scheduled to fit within the coach’s work schedule, yet conflict with students’ schedules.  Most students rush home from school... Read more