Varsity flag football wins regional semi-finals 18-6
BY OLIVIA LEWIS Colors of red and black filled the Cooper City High School bleachers as the varsity flag football team prepared for their game. The girls had practiced all week, hoping to win their important regional semi-final game against Dr. Krop High School. The girls won regionals last... Read more
Varsity flag football: Apr. 9-13 recap
BY ETHAN MUNCAN The Cooper City Cowboys faced off against Flanagan, West Broward and Godby High School. The Cowboys defeated Flanagan 38-0, West Broward 21-0 and lost to Godby High School 19-0. The Cowboys won their two important district games and lost to the team ranked fifth in the... Read more
Heads held high: The CCHS varsity football team faces the Western Wildcats at homecoming game
BY OLIVIA LEWIS The stadium filled up with black, white and red as the Cooper City High School students and families started piling into the stands for the Homecoming Game on November 3d. The Sound of Pride band could be seen on the side of the field along with... Read more
Varsity football: Cowboys win in overtime against the Ft. Lauderdale Flying L’s
BY HAILEY BROWN On Tuesday October 24, the Cooper City Cowboys took on the Fort Lauderdale Flying L’s in a district game at Cooper City High School. The game went into overtime, but the Cowboys were able to make a stop and take home the win 28-21. Fort Lauderdale... Read more
Varsity football: Cowboys take on West Broward
BY HAILEY BROWN The football team lined up, shoulder to shoulder, to create a path for the seniors to walk down as their names were called. The seniors all lined up with their families and escorts, ready to walk down the line to have their picture taken to commemorate... Read more
JV football: The JV Cowboys take on the Nova Titans
BY HAILEY BROWN All different players get ready for games in all different ways. Some players like to listen to music, while some simply like to just get their mind ready for a game. And whether they win or lose they always come out of the games knowing they... Read more
Varsity football: Cowboys take the win against McArthur  
BY HAILEY BROWN With no school on Friday, the Cowboys were able to sleep in and be well rested for their game against McArthur. Once 2:00 p.m. rolled around, the team headed over to the school for their routine pre-game meal. This consists of lots of pasta and other... Read more
Varsity football: Cowboys obtain 2-0 district record with a win against South Broward
BY BRANDON BERMUDEZ Cooper City High played their second home game of the season against South Broward High School on October 6, 2017. As the Cowboys rolled into the back end of their season, a win against South Broward would set their record to 2-0 in their district, giving... Read more
Varsity football: Cowboys are victorious against Hollywood Hills in their first home game of the season
BY ETHAN MUNCAN The Cooper City Cowboys played their first home game on Monday, October 2. The stands were filled with ecstatic fans covered from head to toe in white apparel. Almost every inch of the stands was covered with baby powder, thrown in honor of the annual white... Read more
JV football: CCHS faces off against their rivals
BY BRANDON BERMUDEZ The Cooper City High JV played against one of their biggest rivals on Wednesday, September 27. The Cowboys traveled to Western High School, facing the Wildcats, in what they knew was going to be a very difficult game. The Cowboys had been practicing very hard for... Read more