Cheerleading: Lady Cowboys compete at first meet
BY KAYLA GATES With the fall football season coming to a close, cheerleaders have fled the sidelines and taken to the fields. While the school team will no longer be cheering CCHS on during the games, the Lady Cowboys are making the most of their season by participating in... Read more
CCHS Cheerleading Under New Instruction
BY DANIELLA UNAFRAYCHUK The yells, screams, cheers, and unbearable heat is something Alicia Hajaree has become well acquainted with. After being present at Cooper City Optimist`s (CCO) football games for over twelve years as a cheerleading coach, you could say Hajaree is an expert at what she does. Going to practices and Saturday... Read more
Cheerleaders: Cowboys Team Say “Bring It On”
    BY ALLISON BARNARD Every day when the clock strikes 2:40, the banging of feet against metal bleachers rings out across the empty CCHS football stadium. As our beloved Cowboy football season comes to an end, it’s just the beginning for Cooper’s competitive cheerleading team. Daily after-school practices kick... Read more
Competition Cheerleading: Cowboys Place 1st In FHSAA
BY JESSICA WEAVER On Saturday January 30th Cooper City High School’s Competitive Cheerleading team placed first in the FHSAA (Florida High School Athlete Association) Regional Cheerleading Competition. Competitive cheerleading is more aggressive with actual choreographed routines and defined stunts. The team caught the bus on Saturday at 6:30 A.M to go to... Read more