Different setting, same entertainment: 2021 gave sports fans a March Madness that was full of surprises
BY RYAN MERARD Looking to bounce back from cancelling the series last year due to COVID-19, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) decided to hold the annual college basketball tournament “March Madness” in men’s and women’s “bubbles.” This consists of just one arena and practice facility for all teams... Read more
Water polo: Making a splash on social media
BY KAYLA GATES It’s no secret that water polo has remained one of the many hidden sports offered at CCHS. The team actively recruits in an attempt to fill its girls and boys rosters. However, a group of student-athletes is seeking to spread the word on the spring sport... Read more
CCHS Wrestling: Lady Cowboys make their mark
BY KAYLA GATES The CCHS wrestling team is no secret to the world of high school sports. Over the years, its wrestlers have gone on to take home various district and state titles. However, a new face is making history once again as the sole female wrestler on the... Read more
Boys’ varsity baseball: Cowboys look to bounce back after a close loss
BY RYAN MERARD The CCHS varsity baseball team had recently got back into action after their last season was cut short because of the ongoing pandemic. Their latest game was on Monday, February 22 when the Cowboys went up against the South Broward Bulldogs. Having two games under their... Read more
Athlete of the issue: Senior Jake Hicks and his devotion to the field
BY ARIELLE KRAUS For many students at CCHS, sports are a very important part of their life. With the variety of teams that CCHS has to offer, it is not uncommon to meet someone who is part of at least one of them. For senior Jake Hicks, sports have... Read more
Letting the fans have a say: An overall prediction of the NBA All-Star game unfolding in March
BY RYAN MERARD Even with the pandemic going on, the National Basketball Association (NBA) recently announced that the NBA All-Star Game will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on March 7. This tournament selects players from the association based on both coach and audience input, and game rosters are determined... Read more
Sports signing day: CCHS student-athletes make college commitments
BY KAYLA GATES As the spring season approaches, CCHS seniors have begun to make big decisions regarding their future after high school. With many student-athletes hoping to continue playing sports in college, a select few have already committed to a collegiate career. On February 4, CCHS held one of... Read more
CCHS brings it on: Cheer team places second at state championships
BY KAREN SUROS After a long, challenging season, CCHS cheerleaders competed at the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) state championships in Lakeland this past weekend. For the first time in Cowboy history, the team not only made it to finals, but placed second at the state competition.  “It... Read more
Hope for the best: The NBA should choose to just continue the season as is
BY RYAN MERARD With games getting postponed left and right and multiple players testing positive for COVID-19, the National Basketball Association (NBA) seems to be struggling to keep the coronavirus under control, despite having a limited number of fans in the arenas.  Teams have frequently been forced to play... Read more
Exceeding expectations: The Miami Dolphins and their fans look towards the future after a quite surprising season
BY RYAN MERARD “Dang, the Dolphins are actually good this year?” is a question that has probably been asked by numerous sports fans, especially the Miami ones. Seeing the numbers “10-6” next to the Miami Dolphins may be an uncommon sight in the NFL standings because of how poor... Read more