Government shutdown: What it means for our national parks
BY ELENA VALDEZ The federal government of the United States is divided into many departments, a large number of which are concerned with the preservation and protection of the natural environment. The most recent government shutdown has not only put the lives of humans at stake, but has placed... Read more
Teachers shouldn’t make unchecked assumptions about students: Struggle does not mean laziness
BY JOSEPH STURGEON There are approximately 15.1 million high school students across the nation. There are roughly 6,500 distinct languages, 4,200 religions and 195 countries. There are different parenting styles, backgrounds, family incomes and expectations. There are different skill sets— some have an innate skill for science and others... Read more
Over-caffeinated and overworked: Students are not getting the rest they need
BY ELENA VALDEZ High school students live extremely busy lives, starting their days before the sun rises and ending them well into the night. With more than a million things to balance, from school work and extracurricular activities to social lives and self-care, teenagers are left with little time... Read more
DNA testing: It’s not worth the time and money
BY SABRINA WONG Growing through the stages of life from infant to adult, there’s only so much one can learn about themselves. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing kits have become more and more popular these days, allowing the population to discover new traits about themselves. Although what someone may find... Read more
Too school for Juul: Limiting teen access to e-cigarettes is a step in the right direction
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN High school bathrooms have been smelling a lot better lately. Mango, bubblegum and creme brulee are among some of the scents that one might notice even just passing by a school restroom. But the sweet aromas aren’t from perfume or a new line of Febreze that... Read more
The modern music industry: Is buying an album worth it?
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH One of the most debatable topics in the music business is album sales. Several years back, when an artist was gaining popularity, physical albums and CDs were the most common method of purchase. But with the advancements in technology and the creation of streaming services such... Read more
Schools should value electives more
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN In high school, you won’t hear many guidance counselors stressing the importance of electives. Art, music and physical education courses are often brushed aside to make room for the never-ending list of acronyms: FSA, EOC, SAT and so on. Many elective courses even become a dumping... Read more
Students should have fewer requirements to graduate when it comes to core classes
BY RYAN MERARD Many students nowadays feel that the courses they are taking are not important to the field of study they want to enter in college, or just not relevant to their life at all. In Broward County, a minimum of four credits of English and four credits... Read more
Students should be allowed more than three midterm exemptions
BY KAREN SUROS The holiday season is not just fun and reindeer games; for high school students, it is also midterm season. After a semester of hard work and occasional tears, students now stress over their exams. Taken right before the start of winter break, midterm exams are divided... Read more
It’s more than just the smell: Real Christmas trees are more favorable than artificial ones
BY SABRINA WONG A living room is dimly lit by a crackling fire. One closes their eyes and takes in a whiff to inhale the Christmas spirit. When the holiday air hits their nose, they become disappointed because all they can seem to smell is… plastic? It’s upsetting to... Read more