It’s in the stars… or not: Differing views on astrology
Astrology is not all bad BY KAREN SUROS Think back to when human beings existed mainly as hunters and gatherers. No television, internet or even books to entertain them. Back then, looking up at the night sky and all its stars was about as amusing as it got. As... Read more
MLK’s history shouldn’t be erased, but rather embraced
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Certain parts of history are always distorted or left out when taught in elementary schools. We were taught that Thanksgiving was a legitimate historical event, that Abraham Lincoln was a fierce abolitionist and that the grievances expressed during the Civil Rights Movement were ones that the... Read more
Catholic education put in perspective: The tales of a former Catholic school student
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The majority of my childhood was spent in private school— more specifically a Catholic private school. Not only was the school incredibly small in comparison to the high school I now attend, but I often felt the people were very different from myself. Yes, we shared... Read more
It takes two to tango: The other side of celebrity scandals
BY SOFIA MENDEZ It takes two to tango— a common, idiomatic expression which suggests when more than one person is involved in a situation or argument, both parties are responsible. On Sunday, February 23, a celebrity cheating scandal broke on the internet, which made social media go insane. The... Read more
False foods: Organic crops don’t live up to all the hype
BY SABRINA WONG In supermarkets all across the world, certain fruits, vegetables and even types of meat are separated into two categories: organic and inorganic. Specific brands are also sometimes favored due to their products’ labels. But does consuming food with a sticker slapped on the outside packaging really... Read more
The pressure to be the next Steve Jobs: Parents should not force their children into STEM
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN What parent doesn’t want success for their child? For those that have taken a look at the Forbes World’s Billionaires List, they might be convinced that pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is the key to achieving that goal. The image of... Read more
Incorrect impressions: Being an introvert isn’t the same as being shy
BY SABRINA WONG From a vague perspective, quietness is a term associated with those who like to stay silent most of the time. But in a more in-depth point of view, one comes to realize that “quiet” can mean more than just not speaking up. Introversion and shyness are... Read more
School selves vs. true selves: Forfeiting happiness may or may not be the answer to the success of high school students
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The very nature of the high school student is to compromise their own desires in order to work toward maintaining an abnormally high GPA; the effects are often baffling. The likelihood that any student will attend an Ivy league school is relatively slim. Not only is... Read more
No butts about it: Beach smoking ban would only be beneficial for Floridians
BY GENNA NORDLING The world may be your oyster, but the beach is not your ashtray. Seashells, seaweed and greasy tourists are common sights on the many beaches of Florida. However, none are as prevalent as the abundance of litter that resides on the shorelines. Of all of the... Read more
The effects of a lingering government shutdown on a people that can no longer sustain themselves
BY ANNABELLE ROSA As of January 21, the government of the United States has been shut down for a total of 31 days, marking a month without pay for several families and causing outcry among the majority of U.S. citizens. Regardless of whether or not individuals have been directly... Read more