BY ARIEL SMILOWITZ In 2006, a teaching assistant named Aishah Azmi was suspended from the Headfield Church of England Junior School for wearing a full body veil while teaching. The case reflected the issue of cultural integration and religious tolerance all over the world, particularly in several European countries.... Read more

Tourists or Turtles?

Opinions September 5, 2010

  BY JACK BRADY In recent years sea turtles have been transformed into an iconic symbol of oceanic conservation, and this could not be more prevalent than right here in Florida. In addition to being one of Florida’s most famed state symbols, almost all of the sea turtle species... Read more
Respect your  mother: Misguided Earth Day efforts have convoluted the true message of the holiday
BY REBECCA BINE Forty years ago, millions of Americans across the country took a stand against the environmental degradation wreaking havoc on the planet; the first Earth Day was born. Over the years, the phrase “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” has become a classic motto of the movement in order to... Read more