Don’t Refuse To Reuse

Don’t Refuse To Reuse

Opinions February 28, 2012

BY KYRA BACON In the beginning of the recycling era, only a few followers separated their garbage by placing plastic, glass, metal, paper, etc. into green bins, and the excess trash into garbage cans. Today, despite activist’s efforts, and decades of promoting recycling, things are not much better. Although... Read more
License To Bike: Cyclists Fail To Acknowledge The Rules Of The Road
  BY ALYSSA FISHER Personal injury attorneys Rue & Ziffra reported that Florida had the highest number of fatal bicycle accidents of any state since 2008. In 2009 alone, Florida experienced 100 deaths and 4,425 injuries of bicyclists in traffic crashes. Most are quick to blame the driver, but... Read more
Required Novels Need An Update
BY BRANDON SLOANE We’ve all been there, 9 P.M. on the Sunday night before the school year begins, cooped up in your room frantically trying to finish the required book you were assigned to read over summer vacation.  While procrastination and outright laziness have long been reasons for not... Read more
The Truth Behind The Law Legalizing Horse Slaughter
BY JESSICA WEAVER Each year, 9.1 billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption. This includes chickens, turkeys, ducks. cows, calves, pigs, and sheep. But when a bill to allow for horse slaughter came up recently, people become enraged. Although the concept of killing horses for food seems gruesome, the... Read more
Yes, You Will Use It In Real Life
BY BLUE KAUFMAN Throughout high school, every individual has classes they like and dislike. However, one subject seems to be the least favorable for most students: Mathematics.  In fact, many are familiar with the saying “When am I going to use math in my life?” It’s understandably difficult for... Read more
What Has Happened To The News?
BY BRANDON SLOANE The Today Show has long been considered one of the most preeminent news shows in the nation, and prides itself on its hard-hitting journalism pieces. While watching the show, one would expect to see an investigative story on a national crisis, but surprisingly, a recent headline... Read more
Bilingualism Is Essential To Future Success
BY RACHEL SHARPE If you want to increase your chances of getting a job when you graduate, you may want to learn to speak and communicate in more than one language. The numbers don’t lie. According to a recent survey by if managers had two equally qualified job... Read more
Unpaid Internships Take Advantage Of Students
  BY JACOB FIERMAN With the economy holding on by a thread, businesses across the nation are looking to keep costs down. Unpaid internships have been on the rise over the past few years, and the ethics involved are questionable.  Companies who abuse unpaid interns are violating the moral... Read more
Thumbspeak Is NBD

Thumbspeak Is NBD

Opinions December 16, 2011

BY BRANDON SLOANE “Dis wknd I was @ teh mall w/ my gfs nd my ex bf showed up nd it wuz awkkk.” While about 20 years ago this sentence would have been perceived as being written in a secret code, in today’s world, this type of condensed speech... Read more
Are Libraries Necessary?
  Con- By JESSICA WEAVER As our generation becomes more technologically advanced, libraries have become a last resort for students on the hunt for information. With only 80 public libraries in the state of Florida containing only 32,760,000 books in total, it’s no wonder people choose the Internet, which... Read more