Round two: Seniors give their ideas for graduation during the pandemic
BY ALYSSA KHAN As the 2020-2021 school year rapidly approaches its end, seniors are waiting to hear what will happen in regards to their long-awaited graduation ceremony. Many are hoping that a safe, social  distanced graduation is possible. The class of 2021 seniors have loads of ideas for a... Read more
Man on the street: Unpopular opinions
BY ELENA ASHBURN Everyone has their own opinions, but sometimes it can feel like those opinions go against those held by the majority. Sharing one’s unpopular opinions on social media has recently become popular, with platforms like Instagram and TikTok being utilized to voice ideas about everything, from politics... Read more
Um…AWKWARD!: CCHS students and staff share strange interactions
BY NINA RAMIREZ As students experience and ultimately leave high school, they will at some point think back on some odd and entertaining encounters they’ve had with their instructors. It’s likely safe to say that the staff can recall the same. Whether they can chuckle about it now or... Read more
Future of education: Students share thoughts on Biden’s new plan to reopen schools
BY ALYSSA KHAN With a new presidency comes plenty of changes, both politically and emotionally. Throughout the transition from former President Donald Trump to current President Joseph R. Biden, Biden has made his plans for education known. In general, he intends on getting educators the pay and support they... Read more
Six more weeks of winter: Groundhog Day 2021 held virtually
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ America’s favorite groundhog emerged from his burrow in Pennsylvania on  the snowy morning of Tuesday, February 2nd, to keep the classic Groundhog’s Day tradition alive. This year marked the holiday’s 135th anniversary. Punxsutawney Phil was awakened around 7:25 a.m. by his handler to check if he... Read more
2/1/21 has begun: Class of 2021 team reveals senior year kickoff
BY EMMA HUERTA On the early afternoon of Friday, January 22, CCHS senior students and parents alike were flabbergasted at a notification on their screens. “2/1/21! Save the date!” read the caption, as was published on the Class of 2021 Instagram, CCHS Class of 2021 Celebration Facebook group and... Read more
School board lawsuit: Was it a violation of the teacher’s rights?
BY NICOLE NADLER On January 11, 2021, at the beginning of a new semester, teachers were instructed to return to school. This mandate was in order to accommodate all of the new kids now going to be entering school after the release of the recent form to see who... Read more
Pandemic plan: President-elect Biden unveils emergency coronavirus plan to tackle vaccine distribution and unemployment
BY CHRIS GOMES The coronavirus has exacerbated many of America’s ongoing issues. Access to affordable healthcare has been exposed as inefficient within the nation. Many Americans have lost their jobs during the pandemic and can no longer pay for several necessities.  In light of this, President-elect Joseph R. Biden... Read more
Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.: Bernice King participates in the 30th annual MLK celebration
BY ALYSSA KHAN On January 14, 2021, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s (MLK) daughter, Dr. Bernice A. King, participated in a webinar in honor of the 30th annual MLK Celebration. Beyond the fact that she is Dr. King’s daughter, Bernice King has made a name for herself in... Read more
Goodbye to being online, hello to being on time: CCHS students resume in-person learning for the third quarter
BY KAREN SUROS Back in December, Cowboys responded to a county-wide survey asking whether they planned on continuing online or resuming in-person learning. After two weeks of winter break, some students have decided to welcome the new year by returning to the halls of Cooper City High School on... Read more