Still the same: Clubs hold volunteer hour opportunities through virtual service projects
BY RYAN MERARD After CCHS’s Rush Week concluded on September 11, clubs have begun to welcome their new and returning members. When on campus, clubs would hold meetings for members to come and discuss future plans and tasks. They would also at times create service projects that they aim... Read more
Driving takes a backseat: Students struggle to make it to the DMV amidst COVID-19
BY KAREN SUROS Teenagers wait their whole lives to experience the freedom driving brings. A license is a gateway to adulthood; teens often long to drive with the windows down, music blasting and either with friends or alone (safely, of course).  Like so many other things this year, the... Read more
Man on the street: CCHS freshmen express feelings towards online school
BY NICOLE NADLER It is safe to say that the Class of 2024 is not having a typical freshman year. In fact, many of them have never seen the CCHS campus before. Their year is unlike any other before and they’re missing out on a typical freshman year of... Read more
From the classroom to the bedroom: How students really feel about online learning
BY KAMDYN ROHER Waking up at 8:29 a.m. and being ready to start class by 8:30 a.m. Going to school in pajamas. Eating breakfast while listening to your teacher take attendance.  With remote learning, all of these traditionally bizarre concepts that would not ‘fly’ at school now seem to... Read more
Fall cancellations: A rundown of everything that has been canceled because of COVID-19
BY ALYSSA KHAN It’s no secret that the coronavirus has lasted longer than anyone expected and has made everlasting changes on the world. These changes have now extended into the school year beginning online. To continue to take necessary safety precautions, fall activities and extracurriculars are being cancelled or... Read more
The final steps: Businesses are now starting to move into the Cooper Square plaza
BY RYAN MERARD The newest shopping center right across from CCHS, Cooper Square, is officially in its final steps. Construction has been completed and now it’s all up to the businesses to make way onto the plaza on Stirling Road.  Since the last update, the exterior looks of the... Read more
“Did I AICE It?”: The mystery behind the new Cambridge exam scores
BY ELENA ASHBURN Imagine receiving an “F” on a test, then having it changed to an “A” the next day with no explanation. That’s exactly what happened to Advanced International Certification of Education (AICE) students at CCHS this summer. On August 11, the University of Cambridge released the May/June... Read more
Learning never stops: The Littlest Cowboys Preschool opens virtually
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Amidst a global pandemic, it was no surprise that many schools made the decision to open virtually. The question of whether to open The Littlest Cowboys Preschool virtually or in-person was up in the air for many weeks; however, it was decided that the preschool would... Read more
Feel the rush: CCHS SGA hosts annual Rush Week virtually
BY ARIELLE KRAUS As with everything turning digital, CCHS’s Student Government Association (SGA) decided to host Rush Week virtually for the 2020-21 school year. Rush Week is a week where clubs advertise in order to gain new members. This year, it took place from September 8 to September 11... Read more
A change in leadership: CCHS welcomes Principal Perkovic
BY KAYLA GATES As summer break comes to a close, students and staff will be returning to a somewhat unfamiliar version of the Cooper City High School they once knew. Among structural alterations to the school day in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a new principal is just one... Read more