Predicting the future: CCHS staff and students’ predictions for the 2020-21 school year
BY ARIELLE KRAUS The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, leaving the future of almost everything uncertain. School has now shifted to being strictly online, and Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) has yet to release a plan for next school year. CCHS students and faculty are unsure of... Read more
Neighbors supporting neighbors: Cooper City neighborhood celebrates “Sunday Funday,” social distancing style
BY LILLIE BIEGNER On April 26 and May 3, the Cooper City neighborhood of Country Address hosted a “Sunday Funday” event with the intention of getting residents out of their homes while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Food, music and good vibes were advertised to get neighbors to come enjoy... Read more
Senior schedules: Virtual events released to celebrate the Class of 2020
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH The month of May is usually seen as the last hurrah for the graduating senior class, with earlier final exams, prom and graduation filling their last days of high school.  Although COVID-19 made many of these end-of-year events impossible, the CCHS administration released a schedule on... Read more
Man on the street: CCHS students express opinions on new e-learning during COVID-19 pandemic
BY EMMA HUERTA Saying that times are strange now is an understatement. Schools are closing, economies are suffering and local and national governments are in utter panic due to the coronavirus pandemic. The many changes have impacted the lives of people everywhere, including CCHS students as Broward County Public... Read more
Capturing history with history in the making: How the CCHS yearbook staff was affected by COVID-19
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH As the school year begins to close, one thing that many CCHS students look forward to is receiving their yearbook. However, in light of schools closing due to COVID-19 concerns, the idea of receiving a yearbook feels more like a distant memory. Despite maintaining social distancing... Read more
School spirit from home: CCHS SGA hosts virtual spirit week
BY JULIA SAFRIN Nobody thought that the last week of physical school in the 2019-2020 school year would be the week of CCHS Student Government Association’s (SGA) spring spirit week. While the spring spirit week was cut short with the cancellation of the pep rally, it was not the... Read more
Number one in the nation: CTV wins best weekly news show in the country
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, some good news came to CCHS. Competing against high school broadcast programs from across America, Cowboy Television (CTV) was named the best weekly news show in the nation.  On April 7, the Student Television Network (STN) announced the winners... Read more
Virtual graduation: The Class of 2020 is officially graduating online because of COVID-19
BY ALYSSA KHAN Students all around the world look forward to the end of attending school: senior year. It’s the final year that rewards seniors for all the time and effort they put in for over a decade of schooling. However, due to the COVID-19 disease and social distancing... Read more
Quarantine tutoring: CCHS students make a tutoring website in response to online learning
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH As the public continues to maintain social distancing and schools close their doors, students and faculty have now transitioned into online learning—what used to simply be a graduation requirement. In light of this transition, CCHS juniors have taken it upon themselves to create a free online... Read more
The show must go on: Online tools help keep poetry slams alive
BY RYAN MERARD As the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on today’s public life, many extracurriculars such as sports teams and school clubs have had to completely stop. However, CCHS’s Poetry Club was one of the few programs able to continue their scheduled activities online. Poetry organizations are staying alive... Read more