Pfizer for fifteen-year-olds: COVID-19 vaccine now approved for children aged 12 to 15
BY NICOLE NADLER Monday, May 10, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the use of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines on a new age bracket: 12 to 15-year-olds.  Previously, the vaccine was only approved for those who are 16 years of age and above, which undercut nearly half of CCHS... Read more
Managing the future managers: CCHS DECA participates in nationals amidst COVID-19
BY NICOLE NADLER Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is an inter-curricular organization that prepares rising pioneers and business visionaries in advertising, finance and management.  Each year, DECA hosts a series of competitions such as the DECA States event in which the students throughout the state compete as the... Read more
Victories and vendettas against vaccinations: CCHS students share their opinions about the COVID vaccine
BY EMMA HUERTA Starting on April 5, individuals 18 years old or over in the state of Florida are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. They can either receive the Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Additionally, minors 16 to 17 years old can specifically receive the Pfizer... Read more
Easter in the neighborhood: Cooper City celebrates Easter with a basket drive-thru event
BY NINA RAMIREZ On Saturday, April 3, Cooper City hosted an event dedicated to Easter to give back to citizens who wanted to celebrate the well-known holiday during the pandemic. This occasion was organized by the Teen Council and multiple members participated in decorating for the day and handing... Read more
A plan ‘promposal’: CCHS seniors share what they think should be done for prom this year amidst the pandemic
BY EMMA HUERTA It has been well established that the 2020-2021 school year is unlike any other. The perils of the pandemic have seemed to eradicate not only regular school schedules, but additional events like homecoming and extracurriculars as well. At the core of the losses is inevitably the... Read more
A step towards normalcy: All teachers are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines amid federal push
BY ARIELLE KRAUS With COVID-19 vaccine distributions have been in full swing for part of the Florida population, teachers felt excluded. As the frontline workers of the classroom, they were not being included in the distribution of vaccinations unless they were over the age of 50, as per Governor... Read more
School Duel revamp: CCHS participates in South Florida’s academic decathlon amid COVID-19
BY NICOLE NADLER School Duel is South Florida’s elite high school TV quiz show in which high school teams answer high-level, academically rigorous questions. Over the years, CCHS has participated in this TV quiz show. This year, under COVID-19 guidelines, the School Duel organization had to go under reconfiguration.... Read more
COVID ceremony: BCPS announces in-person graduation, no volunteer requirement
BY ELENA ASHBURN It seems that the Class of 2021 may get a small sense of normalcy after a remarkably abnormal school year. On February 23, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Superintendent Robert Runcie announced all graduations would be held in-person for this year’s graduating class.  “We are planning... Read more
Adapting and adjusting: CCHS Career Technical Education Department adapts their programs due to COVID-19
BY ARIELLE KRAUS As classes run virtually and less than half of CCHS students attend school on campus, the Career Technical Education (CTE) Department has faced the challenge of having their students obtain their certifications virtually, which has become a serious undertaking. CCHS’s CTE Department consists of eight tracks... Read more
Remembering, reflecting and rebuilding: The past, present and future of the MSD school shooting
BY ARIELLE KRAUS, SASHEEN JOSEPH AND SOFIA MENDEZ Past On February 14, 2018, minutes before the end of class, fire alarms began to sound at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School. Amid the uncertainty, shots were heard out of nowhere. A 19-year-old gunman and former student of the school... Read more