Um…AWKWARD!: CCHS students and staff share strange interactions
BY NINA RAMIREZ As students experience and ultimately leave high school, they will at some point think back on some odd and entertaining encounters they’ve had with their instructors. It’s likely safe to say that the staff can recall the same. Whether they can chuckle about it now or... Read more
2/1/21 has begun: Class of 2021 team reveals senior year kickoff
BY EMMA HUERTA On the early afternoon of Friday, January 22, CCHS senior students and parents alike were flabbergasted at a notification on their screens. “2/1/21! Save the date!” read the caption, as was published on the Class of 2021 Instagram, CCHS Class of 2021 Celebration Facebook group and... Read more
Goodbye to being online, hello to being on time: CCHS students resume in-person learning for the third quarter
BY KAREN SUROS Back in December, Cowboys responded to a county-wide survey asking whether they planned on continuing online or resuming in-person learning. After two weeks of winter break, some students have decided to welcome the new year by returning to the halls of Cooper City High School on... Read more
To park or not to park?: What junior parking will look like for the rest of the school year
BY KAMDYN ROHER On Tuesday, November 3, parking spot decals were distributed to juniors who returned to the CCHS campus and have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher. Earlier this year, seniors who were planning on coming to campus were able to purchase their parking spots and paint... Read more
Finally back-to-school season: CCHS reopens a socially distanced campus for in-person instruction
BY ADDISON ROBERTS On October 15, all CCHS students were cleared to return to campus if they wished to do so. Beforehand, CCHS and all other Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) campuses have been operating entirely on a virtual basis since March. The limited reopening is the first opportunity... Read more
Spotify spring spirit: CCHS’ spring spirit week
BY EMMA FRANZ After months of coordinating, CCHS’ Spotify-themed spring spirit week finally came to life during the week of March 9 through the 13. The Student Government Association (SGA) took it upon themselves to create dress-up days that coordinated with hit songs that students could relate to.  “This... Read more
Moving forward: The process of finding a new principal
BY ARIELLE KRAUS With the recent announcement of Principal Wendy Doll’s retirement, the question of ‘what comes next?’ has come into the minds of students, faculty and parents in the CCHS community. The process of finding and becoming a new principal is not a simple one, but something CCHS... Read more
School track or red carpet?: Football player Antonio Brown makes an appearance on the CCHS track
BY JULIA SAFRIN On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 26, a familiar stranger was seen running on the CCHS track. While some students were oblivious to who this stranger was, turning a blind eye to sports celebrities, others knew exactly who he was: Antonio Brown. Students quickly began to... Read more
Smart Boards or new media center?: Teachers and parents decide the future of CCHS renovations
BY RYAN MERARD After being given 100,000 dollars from the Safety, Music, Arts, Athletics, Renovations and Technology (SMART) program within Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), CCHS has been attempting to find a reasonable way to appropriate this money. These funds are intended to be used to improve the learning... Read more
The room where it happened: U.S. history teachers put together Black History Month Wax Museum event
BY JOSEPH STURGEON In celebration of Black History Month, from Tuesday, February 25 to Thursday, February 27, the mini-gym was filled with cardboard trifolds and students dressed in professional attire for what was called the “Black History Month Wax Museum.” Organized by history teacher Kevin Fair, the event lasted... Read more