A magical obsession: CCHS’s Will Barringer and his love for Disney
BY ADDISON ROBERTS AND ARIELLE KRAUS Disney World is one of Florida’s biggest attractions and many Floridians can attest to experiencing the happiest place on Earth at least once. But not many can say they’ve been there as many times as CCHS senior Will Barringer. Barringer first went to... Read more
The Cowboys behind The Lariat: Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Huerta’s journalism journey
BY ELENA ASHBURN  Now more than ever, journalism and news are being pushed online. That is even the case here at The Lariat, where articles are posted on the website as well as in print, and the student body can stay up-to-date on the latest news by following The... Read more
A sign, a speaker and a message: Senior Sydney Towle plans protests for the Black Lives Matter movement
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people set to the streets to protest in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement over the summer. CCHS senior Sydney Towle was one of them and she hasn’t planned to stop anytime soon. Over the summer, Towle attended... Read more
For teens, by teens: Senior Rachel Goldberg kickstarts a college application advising service
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ Navigating through the intimidating and confusing process that is applying for college is already a challenging task that faces high school seniors. Throwing an obstacle like COVID-19 in the mix only makes the situation harder, with hundreds of thousands of cancelled college campus tours and SAT... Read more
Saying goodbye to CCHS: The legacy of Principal Wendy Doll
BY THE LARIAT EDITORIAL BOARD After being the principal of CCHS for over twenty years, Principal Wendy Doll has announced her retirement. Doll has led CCHS with grace and has impacted the lives of many staff members and students during her time at CCHS. The goal of CCHS is... Read more
A love for the camera: Junior Brandon Robaina is taking to YouTube to show his talents
BY ALYSSA KHAN Many students hope to pursue a career in videography. It’s a highly sought-after job, especially with the internet’s continued stronghold on popular culture. Having a career in this industry requires more than just the ability to take videos, though; it also requires people to be entertaining,... Read more
Who is Pistol Pete?: The story behind the CCHS mascot
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Pistol Pete has been Cooper City High’s mascot for almost all of the school’s 49-year existence. You can’t really talk about CCHS culture without mentioning him; he’s plastered on top of lunch tables, present at all of the football games and always patrolling the bottom floor... Read more
Spreading paws-itivity with Lulu and Patches: Emily Aaron and her pets’ passion for helping those in need
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Mental health has become a very important topic in today’s society. It is not unusual to see therapy dogs out in public, working with those in need. However, it is not so common to see a therapy pig providing individuals with emotional support. Junior Emily Aaron... Read more
Ms. Moxie and Ms. Eileen: The CCHS mental health team is there to listen when you need to talk
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Even amid all the noise of high school life, Cowboys can rest assured that there will always be someone who’s all ears when they need it.  According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five children ages 13-18 have or will have a serious... Read more
Television, TED Talks and teaching: Adam Avin changes the future through mental health  education
BY GENNA NORDLING After coming home from art class one day, 10-year-old Adam Avin showed his mom a picture he drew of Wuf Shanti, a dog character he had created. The pictures Avin drew of Wuf Shanti did not just hang on the refrigerator, but helped to turn Avin... Read more