Just for the gram and not for the experience: The truth behind CCHS dances
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Another one bit the dust as the CCHS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) announced on January 21 that the Winter Wonderland dance has been canceled. This seems to be the inevitable fate of many CCHS dances with the Aurora Ball and Sadie Hawkins dance also being... Read more
Representing all grade levels: A closer look at The Round Up’s “freshman tradition”
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Creating a yearbook consisting of over 300 pages to capture an entire school year is not an easy task. The Round Up yearbook staff at CCHS takes on this challenge annually, working to produce a product that fully captures the memories of the school year. The... Read more
Code red drills: Students express concerns over their effectiveness
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN From the time they are in kindergarten, children are exposed to school drills. Whether it’s for a fire or a tornado, students are taught at a young age how to follow directions and stay safe.  In the past year, Cowboys have become increasingly familiar with code... Read more
Bon voyage!: How CCHS students can consider study abroad programs to benefit their educational experience
BY EMMA HUERTA Imagine walking through the streets of Paris after class at a local university, or even getting to witness significant political decisions right before your eyes as you visit the Israeli legislature with your classmates. For many students, this is just part of their imagination. But with... Read more
Vaping in the 21st century: What you don’t know can kill you
BY ISABELLA MARCON In the last century, our society has experienced one of the most highly advanced technological revolutions mankind has ever seen. Over time, the advancement of technology has branched from the initial standard of finding more practical and efficient ways of performing tasks, to the development of... Read more
Spreading paws-itivity with Lulu and Patches: Emily Aaron and her pets’ passion for helping those in need
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Mental health has become a very important topic in today’s society. It is not unusual to see therapy dogs out in public, working with those in need. However, it is not so common to see a therapy pig providing individuals with emotional support. Junior Emily Aaron... Read more
Ms. Moxie and Ms. Eileen: The CCHS mental health team is there to listen when you need to talk
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Even amid all the noise of high school life, Cowboys can rest assured that there will always be someone who’s all ears when they need it.  According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five children ages 13-18 have or will have a serious... Read more
Television, TED Talks and teaching: Adam Avin changes the future through mental health  education
BY GENNA NORDLING After coming home from art class one day, 10-year-old Adam Avin showed his mom a picture he drew of Wuf Shanti, a dog character he had created. The pictures Avin drew of Wuf Shanti did not just hang on the refrigerator, but helped to turn Avin... Read more
Helping overcome problems effectively: HOPE Sunshine Club strives to spread awareness about teens’ mental health
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Traditionally, high school clubs are centered around career interests, hobbies or academics. Cooper City High’s HOPE Sunshine Club deviates from this standard— it focuses on matters such as mental health, suicide prevention and substance abuse.  The club, which has branches in several schools across Broward County,... Read more
Teaching the future: A deeper look into the Early Childhood Education program
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Many students come to school to learn. However, CCHS students in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program come to teach. CCHS has an early learning lab located on its campus called The Littlest Cowboys Preschool. Here, students involved in the ECE program work with and teach... Read more