CCHS Gets Welcomed To The Sixties With Hairspray
    BY MATTHEW JOHNSTON   As the lights beam down on center stage, out struts daring, pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad, with her trademark Jackie O inspired hairstyle, and her slightly dorky, devoted best friend, Penny Pingleton. The song “I Can Hear the Bells” is being performed. The... Read more
The great debaters: Two CCHS students overcome the odds and qualify for debate nationals
BY MATTHEW FERMAN When someone thinks of debate, they usually think of political debates between presidential candidates or other members of major political parties.  Never do they imagine high school students debating about real-life topics.  However, here at Cooper City High School, debate holds a different meaning for senior... Read more
A look under the hood: Auto tech students learn real world skills
BY BEATRICE DUPUY On the outskirts of the Cooper City High School campus lies a path that many students have never taken; this path does not lead to a  classroom filled with students who are half asleep, instead it leads to another world, a world most students have never... Read more
Creating “classic” rock: Michael Llerena is making an indelible impression as a songwriter
BY BROCK LANDERS When senior Michael Llerena walked into last year’s Cowboy Idol auditions with his guitar case people were surprised. Known among his classmates as good natured and shy, most had no idea Llerena even had an interest in music, let alone the drive and determination to audition... Read more