Brett Helms Explores A Future In Law Enforcement
BY SYDNEY ALTMAN The sirens blare as the police car signals a speeding driver to pull to the side of the road.  The driver pulls over to the right and comes to a complete stop as the officer prepares a ticket.  The young officer walks over to the parked... Read more
CCHS Student Nick Mashburn Brings Hope To Haiti
BY SARAH ROUSSELL The frightening sense of helplessness and struggle lurks quietly throughout a weary city. Piles of rubble fill the corners of beaten streets, and orphan children are crying hysterically. The overwhelming presence of poverty is persistently knocking down the frail doors of little shacks as a broken... Read more
Natalie McPherson: A Star In The Making
BY MARNI ROSENSTEIN The crowd sits silently in anticipation during the performance of Beauty And The Beast. Junior Natalie McPherson steps on an empty stage wearing a beautiful gold dress laced with glittering rhinestones and simple yet authentic-to-the-times heels. The audience sits on the edge of their seats in... Read more
The College Acceptance Game
There are several steps and considerations involved in applying to college. Many students have to decide which schools to apply to, fill out the common application and all of the extra supplements, apply for scholarships, and write several essays just to submit their applications. Then, after everything is said... Read more
Living In Haylee’s World
    BY ALYSSA FISHER The first day of freshman year is especially nerve wrecking; it’s a gigantic leap from the small pond of middle school to the larger, more intimidating ocean of high school. Despite the adversity she has to overcome daily, freshman Haylee Kalick still walked into... Read more
Chadd Kerr: Chasing A Dream
BY SARAH ROUSSELL To compel fans to listen to their music, rappers often infuse catchy beats with their lyrics, causing listeners to jam out to their song. Any rapper can rely on the beat to make their songs sound amazing; but, it takes a truly talented and unique musician... Read more
Marching Across The Nation
    BY SYDNEY ALTMAN Months of intense training, active workouts and endless practices were insignificant before this one, final performance.  The touring Drum Corps, from all around the country, were ready to compete against one another at Colts stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.  With butterflies in her stomach and... Read more
CCHS Gets Welcomed To The Sixties With Hairspray
    BY MATTHEW JOHNSTON   As the lights beam down on center stage, out struts daring, pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad, with her trademark Jackie O inspired hairstyle, and her slightly dorky, devoted best friend, Penny Pingleton. The song “I Can Hear the Bells” is being performed. The... Read more
The great debaters: Two CCHS students overcome the odds and qualify for debate nationals
BY MATTHEW FERMAN When someone thinks of debate, they usually think of political debates between presidential candidates or other members of major political parties.  Never do they imagine high school students debating about real-life topics.  However, here at Cooper City High School, debate holds a different meaning for senior... Read more
A look under the hood: Auto tech students learn real world skills
BY BEATRICE DUPUY On the outskirts of the Cooper City High School campus lies a path that many students have never taken; this path does not lead to a  classroom filled with students who are half asleep, instead it leads to another world, a world most students have never... Read more