Spreading Senioritis: Class of 2022 experiencing lack of motivation 
BY LONDON DERNIS Senior Kennan O’Malley was in kindergarten when he came home to his mom asking if he had homework to complete. In response to this, he said yes and that he didn’t feel like doing it. As he recalls this event, he believes this was when he... Read more
Coaching during COVID: How athletics prevailed during the pandemic
BY MALIA LAHEY The main focus of athletics is usually the athletes. However, the CCHS sports coaches have had a hectic season, balancing both their teams as well as COVID-19, which was no easy task. While trying to keep themselves and their players safe, there were many precautions taken.... Read more
Gender Disparity in Classes: The lopsided world of stereotypical beliefs 
BY LUCIA CORREA  Though living in the 21st century, the world still continues to hold onto its stereotypical beliefs. Whether it’s thinking that only girls can be involved in taking care of children or guys being the ones to have to know how to fix cars.  Take CCHS for... Read more
Alum return to CCHS: Seeing the school from a different perspective
BY EMILY MORENO High school is an important part of everyone’s life. In these years, teenagers learn crucial lessons and grow into adults prepared to go face the world. As CCHS reaches the 50 year milestone, this school will have influenced tens of thousands of students.  Some alumni have... Read more
Women’s Studies: an insight into CCHS’ groundbreaking new course and the teacher behind it
BY OLIVIA GIL  Among a sea of social studies classes and between periods of psychology, one can find Maricarmen Herrera teaching the new Women’s Studies class to her eighth period students.   Although this course is new to Cooper City High School (CCHS), it gained popularity and was a cause... Read more
New teachers stuck on the ‘net: A virtual first year at CCHS
BY EMILY MORENO Last year was a unique year for teachers and students. Some new faces joined the Cooper City team in 2020 and had a very different first year here. Joining a new school can be difficult, but online school provided an additional challenge. One really big adjustment... Read more
Pay-to-play: An inside look into the often-expensive world of extracurricular activities
BY EMMA HUERTA Academics, extracurriculars and letters of recommendation: the Holy Trinity of college admissions.  As the ticket to postsecondary institutions has become more tedious and even difficult to attain over the years, the influence of each component in the college admissions process has subsequently increased. As universities look... Read more
A passion for fashion: CCHS students find clothing through thrifting
BY KAYLA GATES Old clothes are the new craze. CCHS students are following the trend of thrifting to take a new approach and express themselves through their wardrobes. Fashion is no new fad for CCHS. The school has made a significant appeal to the artistic perspective of students through... Read more
Clumsy Cowboys: Stories of slips, stairs and stitches, courtesy of CCHS’s students and staff
BY ELENA ASHBURN “At least you have a good story!”  Sometimes, having a weird, dumb or funny story to accompany a painful injury makes the experience a bit better. Many Cowboys have interesting injury stories, but The Lariat went on the hunt for some of the goofiest, weirdest injury... Read more
New year, new system, new clubs: CCHS IOC approves the addition of three new school clubs
BY EMMA HUERTA It is a well-known fact at this point that the 2020-2021 school year is taking an unconventional form amidst the effects of the pandemic. As students are now engaging in eLearning, whether on campus or at home, clubs are additionally functioning online as well. Despite the... Read more