Review: Big Sean- Detroit
BY JACOB FIERMAN Rap sensation Big Sean released his mixtape, Detroit, this past week and it instantly racked up thousands of views and downloads. Big Sean has created a unique blend of up-tempo and fast paced beats on Detroit that work perfectly. Detroit shows off Big Sean’s excellent rhyming skill as... Read more
Review: Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks
BY STACEY PASTERNAK Doctor Who, a science fiction (sci-fi) show on BBC, is a science nerd’s dream. This show has been around in Britain since the 1960s and has formed quite a following since then. Doctor Who is about a 900-year-old alien that takes the form of a human and... Read more
Review: B.o.B Strange Clouds
BY BRANDON SLOANE Rap superstar Bobby Ray Simmons also known as B.o.B. is at it again with the release of his second studio album Strange Clouds. Strange Clouds incorporates elements of fast paced rapping and the catchy melodies that helped B.o.B rise to stardom. However, unlike his previous works,... Read more
Review: Say Anything At Revolution Live
BY JEREMY HAAS It was 9:00 PM on, April 24th.  Revolution Live was swarming with fans mellow and talkative just moments before the headliners go on.  Then finally, lights dim, and the stars of the evening take the stage.  The timid looking spectators transform into pure energy, preparing themselves... Read more
Review: Girls
BY EMILY PERL It’s two years after graduating college and life seems to be going by slowly for Hannah Horvath. Even though living in New York City may seem as if it can offer endless opportunities, you’re still stuck at the same dead-end unpaid internship. After going to dinner... Read more
Review: The Avengers
BY GABI TABIB On Friday, May 4th, the Avengers made its debut in theaters. Pleasing fans and critics alike, the Avengers made $200.3 million in its opening weekend, breaking the Weekend Release Box Office record previously held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Loki (the evil... Read more
Review: Jason Mraz – Love Is A Four Letter Word
BY HAILEE YAEGER Jason Mraz is back with his fourth studio album, Love Is A Four Letter Word, and based on the sound of this record compared to his last two albums Mr. A to Z is no more. Mraz has decided to stick to a folk-pop mixed with... Read more
Review: Boyce Avenue At Revolution
BY HAILEE YAEGER It was time. Screams erupted from the dark club as everyone on the floor squished together to get the best view as possible. Adrenaline rushed as the guitars blasted from the speakers, iPhones flew up into the air, fighting to get the best pictures and videos.... Read more
Review: The Red Hot Chili Peppers At The Bank Atlantic Center
BY JEREMY HAAS The Bank Atlantic Center was bustling with anxious people on April 2nd. The hallways were packed with fans of all sorts; old folks reliving their youth, teenage rockers, naive children with their excited parents, and a vast majority of twenty-somethings who grew up listening to the... Read more
Review: The Hunger Games
BY BLUE KAUFMAN Wearing “mockingjay” pins and carrying bows and arrows, the massive crowd was literally at the edge of their seats waiting for the theater screen to flicker to life.  Everyone began chanting, counting down the seconds to the long awaited midnight premiere of The Hunger Games. Suzanne... Read more