Review: Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor II: Great American Album Part 1
BY SABRINA VICTOR Since starting his career Lupe Fiasco has been known for speaking out about record label pressures & making bold political statements. He was an early & vocal advocate of Occupy Wall Street and performed on BET wearing a Palestinian Flag, calling the President “the biggest terrorist”... Read more
Review: Lil Wayne – Dedication 4
BY SABRINA VICTOR Lil Wayne (Dwayne M. Carter, Jr.) is one of rap’s most influential artists. On Wayne’s new mixtape, Dedication 4, he raps with aggressive intensity and great flow, using his brilliant rhyming techniques to create his best work since Tha Carter IV. On every track of Dedication... Read more
Review: Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel…
BY JACK BRADY After years of what some might call self-imposed exile, cult singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has returned with new album The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do; which is truly the re-emergence... Read more
Review: Metric – Synthetica
BY JEREMY HAAS To name an album the best of anything, whether it’s of the year, the month, or the season is an honor, to say the least.  It has to be able to entertain, and at the same time truly reach a listener, while still standing out above... Read more
Review: Kinetics & One Love – You Are Not Alone
BY ALEX BARNARD You Are Not Alone is the second album from New York based hip hop group Kinetics & One Love. While attending Cornell University, Jeremy “Kinetics” Dussolliet and Tim “One Love” Sommers formed the group.  Since then they have been writing for several rappers such as Eminem,... Read more
Review: Long Island Medium
BY STACEY PASTERNAK Theresa Caputo: loving wife, mother of two, and a medium who claims to communicate with the dead. Yes, you’ve read correctly. Caputo, who resides in Hicksville, New York, is the star of the TV show Long Island Medium. Hearing her talk about communications with the dead on... Read more
Review: Trey Songz- Chapter V
BY SABRINA VICTOR Trey Songz, a Grammy nominated R&B artist from Petersburg, VA, has become one of R&B’s brightest artists. Songz has sold 14 million albums and singles worldwide and has a list of accomplishments including being an entrepreneur & philanthropist with his “Trey’s Angels” Clothing line and “Angels... Read more
Review: Big Sean- Detroit
BY JACOB FIERMAN Rap sensation Big Sean released his mixtape, Detroit, this past week and it instantly racked up thousands of views and downloads. Big Sean has created a unique blend of up-tempo and fast paced beats on Detroit that work perfectly. Detroit shows off Big Sean’s excellent rhyming skill as... Read more
Review: Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks
BY STACEY PASTERNAK Doctor Who, a science fiction (sci-fi) show on BBC, is a science nerd’s dream. This show has been around in Britain since the 1960s and has formed quite a following since then. Doctor Who is about a 900-year-old alien that takes the form of a human and... Read more
Review: B.o.B Strange Clouds
BY BRANDON SLOANE Rap superstar Bobby Ray Simmons also known as B.o.B. is at it again with the release of his second studio album Strange Clouds. Strange Clouds incorporates elements of fast paced rapping and the catchy melodies that helped B.o.B rise to stardom. However, unlike his previous works,... Read more