Review: The Hobbit
BY BLUE KAUFMAN After months of delays, The Hobbit (the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy) finally hit theaters on December 14th. The Middle Earth-set film grossed over $150 million in the month of December and continues to dominate movie theaters across the world. However, while The... Read more
Review: Django Unchained
BY BLUE KAUFMAN Let me start off by saying that when it comes to Quentin Tarantino, it’s difficult to find a bigger fan than myself. I’m thoroughly and completely infatuated with Pulp Fiction, the ultimate advocate for Kill Bill, and I was completely rendered speechless after watching the brilliance that is Inglorious Basterds.... Read more
Review: Rihanna – Unapologetic
BY SABRINA VICTOR Rihanna’s latest album Unapologetic incorporates slinky pop grooves, an R&B-electro style, and the daring and defiant lyrics she is known for. This album is filled with club hits and singles that highlight Rihanna’s vocal improvements. Unapologetic lives up to expectations and although the songs weren’t written by her,... Read more
Review: The Weeknd – Trilogy
BY OLIVIA PASCALE-WONG Originally from Canada, Abel Tesfaye is a 22-year-old R&B artist who possesses undeniable musical talent. Although classified as an R&B artist, Tesfaye, who goes by the stage name The Weeknd, is pushing R&B into a new territory. His debut album, Trilogy, is a compilation of his... Read more
Review: Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire
BY RACHEL HAAS With a total of 15 Grammy’s and over 40 million album sales worldwide, she’s proven herself to be one of the most popular R&B artists of all time. On her new album Keys incorporates a new pop style and proves to be able to create not... Read more
Review: H&M Miami
BY RACHEL HAAS Thousands of restless shoppers camped out and lined Lincoln Road to be the first ones to have an H&M shopping experience. To manage the crowd the streets were roped off as people anxiously awaited the Grand Opening of H&M Miami. With free give-a-ways and a special... Read more
Review: Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream
BY DANIELLA ASPURU R&B singer Miguel recently released his 2nd album Kaleidoscope Dream on October 2nd.  Being raised in California to a Latino father and African American mother, they gave him the passion for music, while Michael Jackson’s career and dancing techniques made him want to further his career.  By the age of 17... Read more
Review: G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer
BY ANDREW MORALES Rap legend Kanye West is known for creating amazing, iconic songs that everybody knows and loves. His impressive album history includes Graduation, College Dropout, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West just released his new masterpiece, The G.O.O.D. Music Album Cruel Summer.  This new album is possibly West’s greatest project yet; in addition... Read more
Review: Taylor Swift – Red
BY AMANDA MARCOTTE All-American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift finally dropped a new album Red.  On Red, Taylor expresses herself with catchy tunes and opens up to the techno and pop world to expand her audience. Red introduces a new kick to Taylor Swift’s music. In the song “I Knew... Read more
Review: Million Dollar Quartet At The Broward Center
BY SARAH SHARPE Million Dollar Quartet kicked off the Fort Lauderdale Broadway Across America series this week, rocking the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on opening night, Tuesday, November 6th. The show is about the unlikely union of rock and roll legends Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl... Read more