Review: It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
BY DANIEL COWEN If you want to see a cute, heart-filled, dorky movie about finding meaning to life and realizing what you have, then It’s Kind of a Funny Story is the movie for to see. It’s about 16 year old Craig, played by Keir Glichrist, who enters himself... Read more
Muggles Get Magical
BY MATT LIBANOFF As they turned around the last bend of Islands of Adventure’s Jurassic Park, fans’ expressions of gloom and exhaustion turned to smiles and joy galore as the tip of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry began to rise against the sunset. The first guests in line,... Read more
The Most Dangerous Game – The Hunger Games Trilogy
    BY ASHLEY NICHOLS As the starting gong sounds, Cooper City High School junior Sarah Roth makes a beeline for the forest, the safest place to hide. She and 23 other teens are thrown into an arena where they are forced by their government, the Capitol, to participate... Read more
Do You Really Know Me?
    BY SYDNEY ALTMAN Imagine a high school in which different cliques co-exist peacefully.  Imagine the eradication of bullying in totality.  Imagine getting to know fellow classmates solely for who they are, rather than on preconceived judgments.  Many high schools around the country no longer have to imagine... Read more
Zombie Invasion: The Walking Dead Goes From Comic Book To Television
    BY JACK BRADY In a typical zombie movie, the ragtag band of survivors find themselves trapped in some confined space, ready to make their final stand against the relentless zombie hordes. These moments and the ensuing battles are a staple of zombie films and are often the... Read more
BY MATTHEW JOHNSTON When perusing the radio airwaves these days, it’s inevitable that you will come across rapper/singer-songwriter Nicki Minaj. From her controversial lyrics to her eye-popping style, she has become an unstoppable presence in the rap industry. Discovered by rapper Lil’ Wayne, and signed to his record label... Read more
  BY MARNI ROSENSTEIN “Sun-Kissed skin so hot we’ll melt your popsicle,” daring musical innovator Katy Perry sings in her single “California Gurls”; which was the summer hit for 2010. When most people think of Katy Perry, they think of her unique approach to life, and the bold lyrics... Read more
Review: The Neon Trees – Habits
  BY JEREMY HAAS The Neon Trees are a four piece alternative rock band based out of Provo, Utah made up of lead vocalist/keyboardist Tyler Glenn, guitarist Chris Allen, bassist Branden Campbell, and drummer Elaine Bradley.   The band plays rock and roll with a dance feel and a bit... Read more
BY MEGHAN ROBERTS We’ve all heard it before, the typical clichés of, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day, a feminine dress must be worn with dainty heels, and mixing prints and patterns is a definite no-no.” In fashion, it’s almost as if there is some unofficial rule book dictating... Read more
Are you filled with Glee?: Two critics debate the merits of television’s latest singing sensations
PRO BY ALYSSA FISHER In a world full of television shows featuring murder mysteries, self-absorbed doctors, and wild New Jersey natives, we are finally given something new to fill our Tuesday nights. Fox’s Glee is a spunky, light-hearted series that is the perfect blend of music, drama, and comedy.... Read more