BY DANIEL COWEN Students waking up to blaring music at 6 A.M. isn’t a rare occurrence for Cooper City High School students.  Some at CCHS set their alarm to the station 93 Rock recently only to wake up to something a bit mellower. Over this past winter break 93... Read more
Weight Watchers: Americans Weigh In On Their Weight
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY Up until recently, you couldn’t even turn on your TV without seeing an advertisement for a giant burger smothered in grease and dripping with calories. Exercise was a thing of the past and obesity rates were higher then ever before. With America in the midst of a... Read more
Review: Country Strong
BY EMILY PERL The idea that love and fame can’t exist in the same world is the driving message in the new movie Country Strong. Between its collaboration of a star fresh out of rehab and a hunky new leading man, this movie is one good ole country time.... Read more
BY MATT LIBANOFF As Greta Svabo Bech continues to sing about a defunct relationship, the beat slowly begins to rise on Deadmau5’s “Raise Your Weapon.” She tells everyone to “raise their weapon” one more time, or “it’s over”. Now at the cusp, the primary beat of the song “drops”.... Read more
American Idol: Where Are They Now?
BY JESSICA WEAVER Throughout the history of American Idol, we have watched contestants compete to become number one not only in the judges’ eyes but also in the eyes of American viewers as well. On the show, contestants perform weekly, gaining more exposure, prestige and votes. But when a... Read more
Review: Last Train To Paris
BY MATT LIBANOFF The newest venture of Hip-Hop mogul Diddy cannot be described in one word. It cannot even be described in 10,000 words. No, Diddy’s newest album, Last Train to Paris, can never be fully analyzed because it is one the most complex, creative, and advanced concepts to... Read more
Review: Inception DVD
BY JACK BRADY Inception aims to replicate the surreal thrill and utter impossibility of the world’s we create in our dreams, yet it is essentially a dream itself:  you’ll have trouble remembering it when it’s over. The Film follows the heists of a group of thieves called “extractors” that... Read more
Review: Rock of Ages
BY SYDNEY ALTMAN The 1980s saw a generation defined by the sex, drugs, and rock and roll mentality.  The rock music created in this infamous decade has touched the lives of many Americans and is the driving force behind Broadway’s latest hit, Rock of Ages, which came down to... Read more
I Do…. Not Recognize You: Bridalplasty Reveals America’s Obsession With Plastic Surgery
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY Standing in front of the full-length mirror, a bride prepares to make the ultimate commitment. She’s sure she’s ready, she knows it’s her time, and now the only thing left to do is get into her gown. The bride waits anxiously, her hands trembling at the... Read more
Aspiring Writers Get Creative With Figment
BY ALYSSA FISHER In a technology-filled world obsessed with Facebook posting, tweeting and video gaming, many worry about the fate of literature. It’s becoming more common to see people’s noses in their laptops or smart phones rather than a book. To promote those who do wish to keep literature... Read more