Celebrating during COVID: A guide on how to celebrate the upcoming holidays safely
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A new grunge side of bedroom pop: Review of beabadoobee’s “Fake it Flowers”
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ 20-year-old musician Bea Kristi, known by stage name beabadoobee, released her debut studio album “Fake It Flowers” on October 16. A 12-track record that polishes on her earlier ‘dreamy and soft’ work, “Fake it Flowers” is more dynamic and in-your-face than her previous mellow releases. There... Read more
A rude awakening: Review of Netflix’s documentary “The Social Dilemma”
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“Enola Holmes” review: A modern twist on a literary classic
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‘Renegade’ away?: The rundown of the latest TikTok ban threats
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Netflix’s successful adaptation of a thriller: A review of “The Devil All The Time”
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Controversial cinema: Everything wrong with Disney’s live-action remake of “Mulan”
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Fantastic femme five: Five women worth looking up to
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