Cliche club: Netflix’s live-action “Winx Club” adaptation continues the platform’s saga of mediocrity
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Netflix’s incomparable show of the season: Review of “Bridgerton”
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A musical masterpiece: Review of Shawn Mendes’s latest album “Wonder”
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Commercialized corruption: Why the Grammys should not be taken seriously
BY EMMA HUERTA 2020 was a big year for R&B musician The Weeknd. The release of his latest album, “After Hours,” in March earned him widespread praise and critical acclaim.  In fact, “Blinding Lights,” track nine on the album, broke the record for most weeks in the top 10... Read more
The series to start your holiday spirits: A review of Netflix’s new show “Dash & Lily”
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Eatery for all kinds of tastes: A review of Effe Cafe
BY NINA RAMIREZ In September, Cooper City gained a brand new cafe, Effe Cafe, that’s sure to satisfy all kinds of people with different cravings. Those who are lucky enough to give it a try will find the location inside a Marathon gas station on Stirling Road, making it... Read more
Corona-tine activities: How CCHS students are staying entertained while social distancing
BY ALYSSA KHAN Quarantine can be a draining, boring time and it can be hard to find activities to do to stay entertained while social distancing. CCHS students were asked how they stay entertained during quarantine and here’s what they said: Click a picture and scroll to read the... Read more
Listening to “Positions” for you: Ariana Grande’s new album “Positions” is just what you’d expect
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Teenagers or ticking time bombs?: Netflix original show “Grand Army” narrates the adolescent experience
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A cinematic demise: The fate of movie theaters in the age of the pandemic
BY ADDISON ROBERTS Movie theaters have been the primary form of film exhibition since the dawn of cinema, but this past decade has seen massive threats posed to the industry. Streaming services and the end of the “golden age of television” have greatly expanded what is available for consumers... Read more