A burning feud on the media: The Hot Cheeto Girls stereotype
BY EMMA FRANZ Social media is known for being the prime meme sharing space, however, sometimes people take it upon themselves to turn the content portrayed in memes into a reality, leading to stereotypes being blown out of proportion throughout the span of the internet.  The Hot Cheeto Girls... Read more
Diversity in entertainment: A nation is becoming more diverse, but it’s not reflected in our culture
BY CHRIS GOMES The nation is getting more diverse, yet this increase in diversity is not being reflected within popular culture.  Yet again, the Oscars have reflected this. For the second year in a row, all five directing Oscar nominees are male, and this year, just one person of... Read more
True crime: Society’s growing interest in the despicable actions of others and how it proves to be good entertainment
BY JAELYN YEAMPIERRE The true crime community has been rapidly growing over the last few years and with it has come an influx of true crime shows and documentaries across a variety of platforms. YouTube, Hulu and Netflix are some of the biggest platforms in which true crime stories... Read more
A simp and a nice guy walk into a bar: Which one is a decent human being
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Most women have found themselves face to face with a stereotypical nice guy. However, hiding in the shadows of their comments and actions lies their true intentions.  On social media, there has been an overflow of the use of the term ‘simp.’ One of the main... Read more
Trying to stay relevant: Antonio Brown is making use of his downtime in the studio
BY RYAN MERARD Antonio Brown, seven-time Pro Bowler and former wide receiver for the New England Patriots, had himself a chaotic 2019. Forcing his way out of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who drafted and developed him, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. However, Brown continued to stir up more... Read more
Movie roundup: The best of the best movies of 2019
BY SOFIA MENDEZ Each year, thousands of movies are created and released. Despite the many movies released and competitive industry, some manage to stand out from the rest as they are terrific because of their uniquely talented filmmakers and relevance to today’s society. Although 2019 has come to a... Read more
The 2010s music wrapped: A summary of the decade’s most iconic songs
BY JAELYN YEAMPIERRE With the decade coming to an end, it’s fair to say that it’s time to reflect on some of the greatest hits the 2010s brought to music. Here is a nostalgic list of the best and most memorable songs that came out in the last ten... Read more
TikTok, learn a lot: How TikTok can be used for educational purposes
BY ALYSSA KHAN People nowadays resort to many different things for educational purposes. Students have established new studying techniques that never would’ve been thought of in the olden days. The recently popular app, TikTok, is just another example of this. TikTok is an app that allows users to create... Read more
Sneak peeks: The impact of leaks on the music industry
BY CHRIS GOMES In this modern age of music, more artists have continuously refused to release new material. This has caused a drought in music for a lot of fans, which can lead to a significant decline within the industry. Many insiders with access to certain artists’ music have... Read more
An escape or a prison?: The wide scope of video game addictions
BY SANDRA GARCIA Many video game players anxiously await rumors regarding new gaming consoles, including Sony’s PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s renovated Xbox. For Nintendo fans, the release of the game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” couldn’t come any sooner. Even the arrival of new characters in video games is highly... Read more