Fashion Forward: Warhol
BY RACHEL GAMBACH With the 25th anniversary of his death, acclaimed artist and fashion icon Andy Warhol is experiencing a comeback in the fashion world. From runways to lip-gloss his name is popping up everywhere. New York’s metropolitan museum of art is having a “Regarding Warhol : Sixty Artists,... Read more
Fashion Forward: Fashion Gives Back
BY RACHEL GAMBACH Fashion affects people in many ways. It inspires them, motivates them, and has even shaped the lives of many people around the world. However, the best type of fashion is the kind that truly makes a difference in the world through charity. Here are a couple... Read more
Fashion Forward: High-waisted Shorts
BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM Since the 1990’s, when they first found popularity among moms, High-waisted shorts have matured into one of today’s most popular fashion trends. Due to their elegance and emphatic style, these shorts are admired by fashion conscious girls and women. Although High-waisted shorts favor younger, curvier women... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: Bandannas
  BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM Over the years, clothing has become a way of self-expression for every person. The type of clothing someone wears depends entirely on the person wearing it. The same can be said in Cooper City, where students express themselves through their clothing. The latest trend to... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: Cooper City Fashion Problems
BY JOSLYN TOMBACK Twitter Name: #CooperCityFashionProbz Bio: The Lariat’s very own Fashion Police Twitter, where we go over all fashion mishaps at Cooper City High School that have caused us to shake our heads in disbelief. Tweeting Since: June 20, 1959 Location: Suburban bubble in South Florida Winter clothes... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: Spring Trends
  BY JOSLYN TOMBACK The spring season is classically recognized for yielding Easter eggs and matzo. However, spring fashion is a talk-worthy topic this year. New trends are in full bloom and a fashion foreshadow has already been established. Even in school, these spring 2012 trends can be incorporated... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: New Prom Trends
  BY HAILEE YAEGER Going to prom has always been a fantasy for high school girls. We all want to look and feel like princesses, walking down the staircase in a beautiful dress, having a date, wearing a corsage on our wrist, and dancing the night away with our... Read more
Fashion Forward Podcast: Grammy Red Carpet Fashion
On the first episode of the Fashion Forward podcast, Editor in Chief Alyssa Fisher and Fashion Club Secretary Gina Martucci amusingly comment on the fashions seen on the 2012 Grammy Red Carpet. After judging all the looks, they pick the best and worst garments of the evening. Click on... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: Celebrities Should Stick To Their Day Jobs
BY EMILY PERL Would you want to own a pair of Snookie slippers? Read a book by Lauren Conrad? How about buy something from Kanye West’s new summer clothing collection? Celebrities are always trying to out-do one another and stay ahead of the game. As if being rich and... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: Obsessed With Modcloth
BY MADISON MCNALLY I’m obsessing over right now. It has completely consumed me. I HAVE to have nearly everything on this site. *Note to self: find a part-time job that pays at least $1000 a week. I love this site because they provide stylish clothing we all can... Read more