Unpopular Opinions: Nickelback, An Examination of the Finest Musical Artists of the Decade
SOURCE: SKYLER-JONES BOXWELL BY: NOAH CASTAGNA Defined as “the act of willfully allowing one’s ears to bleed” by Urban Dictionary, Nickelback is perhaps one of the most hated rock bands of all time. Misguided critical attention has plagued the group since their debut, with many pointing out their lazy... Read more
Deacon Speakin’: Birthdays-Less Is More
BY DAVID DEACON Birthdays: everyone has one. At CCHS, these “special days” often include balloons, baked goods, and gifts. Walking down the halls of CCHS, one can often spot someone celebrating their birthday. However, with these celebrations the overly receptive birthday routine has become too robotic. We need to... Read more
Deacon Speakin’: Menial Jobs
BY DAVID DEACON A menial job is a job that requires little skill or is associated with making someone into a servant. These jobs include being a waitress, a farmer, a child caretaker, or even a security guard. In our society people tend to look down on people that... Read more
Fashion Forward: Music Festival Fashion
BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM At music festivals, you are hypnotized not only by the psychedelic visuals on the screens, flashing lights, and pulsing rhythm from the DJs on stage, but also the wacky outfits people show off in. As most of you know, music festivals are known for their obnoxiously... Read more
Deacon Speakin’: Holiday Spirit
BY DAVID DEACON When thinking of holidays, one often imagines a lively celebration with dressing up and exuberant festivities. After all, holidays are a great opportunity to gather together for a good time. Despite this, holiday cheer is at an all-time low. Unfairly labeled “nonessential”, so many holidays have... Read more
Fashion Forward: Rings
BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM From the city of New York to the beautiful and luxurious location of Paris, fashion trends tend to originate from around the globe. Among these innovative trends, rings are among the most popular. Depending on what is fashionable in clothing, these rings come in diverse shapes and sizes.... Read more
Fashion Forward: Steal Her Style
BY RACHEL HAAS With all the enthralling websites on the Internet it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. However, one fashion website distinctly stands out among the rest. Stealherstyle.net lists female celebrities, allowing you to pick whose style you want to steal. Artists like Selena Gomez, Katy Perry,... Read more
Deacon Speakin’: Fanny Packs
BY DAVID DEACON Have you wanted to get something out of your backpack, but it required too much movement to retrieve it? Don’t fret. In 1988, an ideal solution was discovered. Although its probably one of the greatest inventions of our time, most of the population continues to under-utilize... Read more
Fashion Forward: Michael Kors
BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM Among all the American fashion designers, Michael Kors is perhaps one of the most noteworthy. Known for his timeless, wearable separates, sleek evening dresses, handbags, and watches, this icon stands out among the rest. Born Karl Anderson Jr. in Long Island, New York and from a... Read more
Fashion Forward: Cosby Sweaters
BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM We made fun of them in the 90’s and like most trends, they are back in style with a vengeance. Among Bill Cosby’s many achievements, one cannot ignore his single contribution to fashion: the Cosby sweater. Made famous on The Cosby Show in the 1980’s this unique... Read more