The Never-Ending Semester
BY ADDISON ROBERTS The beginning of the second semester brings a clean slate of sorts for the remainder of the school year and the start of the longest quarter yet. Coming back from Winter Break, two shortened weeks immediately follow. Although this does help in adjusting back to the... Read more
Extra work equals extra stress: Why BCPS’s five-hour mental health initiative is hypocritical, counter-intuitive and just a big “no”
BY THE LARIAT STAFF School is hard. Without a doubt, school has always been hard. Throw in a pandemic that completely uproots the school system engraved in students since they were five and it’s bound to be a disaster.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an intended and... Read more
Compassion over clicks: Journalists shouldn’t prioritize fast news over ethics
BY THE LARIAT STAFF News is supposed to benefit the public, not cause harm to those who read it.  On January 26, early Sunday afternoon, tabloid news organization TMZ broke the news of a helicopter crash near Calabasas, California. Not much later, it was reported that retired NBA star... Read more
Hypocrisy for the sake of entertainment: Stop separating art from the artist
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Hollywood has its fair share of abominable celebrities. Movie producers that perpetuate “casting couch” culture, actors that hoard child pornography and rappers that beat their girlfriends to a bloody pulp— you name it, the ole Tinseltown has it. While some famous people have used their influence... Read more
Should teachers carry guns on a school campus?
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE School shootings are becoming a common occurrence in America. After all, it isn’t very difficult for someone to acquire a gun. Every shooting that takes place sparks a debate on gun control, a debate that often fades into the darkness, forgotten about until the next shooting... Read more
Celebrities have the right to use their platform to spread political beliefs
BY JULIA WENGIER A number of people in this world have great influence on other people’s thoughts. Whether they choose to use this influence is up to them, but it is never wrong to do so. Celebrities typically have loud personalities and strong opinions, as well as millions of... Read more
Students need to act more responsibly in times of crises
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR No circumstances surrounding South Florida had students in more of a panic than the events immediately following the shooting tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School last Wednesday that took the lives of 17 students and faculty members. With all other Broward County Public Schools... Read more
Time’s up – but the excuses continue
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Hollywood started the new year off by turning heads around the world. Award show attendees are known for flamboyant attire in a range of rich hues. For weeks after the event, celebrity magazines and networks will continue to analyze cerulean satin and vermillion velvet. However, numerous... Read more
Teachers should be paid more
BY RYAN MERARD, JOURNALISM 1 Going to school is a necessity in America, which requires teachers to provide the education given. Teachers do a lot of work in and out of the classroom, such as educating a future generation to be successful and have a good impact on the... Read more
The importance of listening to people’s perspectives
BY KENDYL COUNTS Everybody wants to be right. Sometimes this goal takes precedence over the necessary components of rational discourse; facts and etiquette are thrown out the window as opponents cling desperately to their viewpoints, regardless of how accurate they are. Yet, in the heat of an intense argument,... Read more