A Sequel that Exceeded Expectations: A review of Sing 2 A Sequel that Exceeded Expectations: A review of Sing 2
BY NINA RAMIREZ *This article contains spoilers* A Sequel that Exceeded Expectations: A review of Sing 2


*This article contains spoilers*

If fans were excited for the sequel of the widely known film “Sing,” they were sure not disappointed. With Director Garth Jennings returning to bring audience members a continuation of the story, he was able to come back with a bang and create a film that’s lively, exciting and action-packed with incredible music.

Another return that will excite fans immensely was the entire cast from the original movie. Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kellyand Reese Witherspoon are just a few of the returning cast members coming back to voice their iconic roles. Along with returning members come brand new characters that viewers will adore and despise. 

Surprisingly, the kid-friendly film deals with several serious topics that are portrayed really well by the characters. An example is how anxiety is portrayed in the film with Johnny, when his dancing instructor constantly tears him down and insults him while having him rehearse over and over again to no avail. We see how this negatively impacts Johnny when he runs out of the studio and sees his hands uncontrollably shaking.

With these iconic characters come their insanely talented voice actors which were nothing short of spectacular in their performance. It will shock viewers around the world at how wonderfully talented the cast is at both singing and acting considering how some are mainly known for their music careers and others are known for their acting careers.

As for the plot, it took a step in the right direction and made sure the series continued to be interesting. Whereas the first film took place with the characters performing at a local theater, the second film continues with them moving on to Redshore city, where they must create and perform a big extravaganza. This plot is well-thought out, having them move on to the big leagues makes the film very exciting to watch as it all unfolds.

People adored the first film for it’s lovely music and how the characters sang covers of beloved songs, so it’s great news to hear that the music continues to be equally as amazing in the sequel. The show at the end is worth the wait and will leave fans cheering, crying and clapping with how splendid it is. Each character gets their own solo song yet again and performs covers just as well as the original artist, if not even better..

Summary: “Sing 2” is a stupendous film appropriate and enjoyable for all ages with wonderful music, lovable characters and eye-catching sights throughout the entire movie.

  • Gorgeous settings
    Catchy music
    Clever plot
  • Didn’t have some of the main characters from the original.

5 of 5

5 of 5

5 of 5

5 of 5

5 of 5

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